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Spotterguide Hamburg Airport English -Version
Spottingguide Hamburg Airport

TKG (telecommunications) § 86
hearing prohibition, professional secrecy of the operators of receivings

with a radio communication system may not be heard messages, which are not intended for the radio communication system. Contents of such messages as well as the fact of their receipt may not be communicated, even if the receipt happens unintentionally, also by persons, for whom an obligation not already exists for secrecy after § 85, others. § 85 exp. applies for 4 accordingly. The right to receive radio sending which are intended for the public or an indefinite circle of acquaintances, as well as hearing and the passing on of messages due to special legal authorization remain unaffected.
with imprisonment up to two years or with fine is punished, who hears a message against § 86 sentence 1 or 2 or which contents of a message or the fact of its receipt communicate to another.

Frequencies Hamburg Airport

Director: 118.200
Apron: 121.70
VFR Radar: 121.725
Delevery/Ground: 121.80
ATIS: 123.125
Arrival/Depature: 124.225 und 134.250
Tower: 126.85

[Bild: tfkxl9.jpg]

Point A GarstedterEck:
Starting from 14:00 clock good photographs with landings on the Runway 15. A ladder is urgently necessary.

Point B Kronstiegtunnel west:
A very popular place for landings on the 15. Here one gets the airplanes briefly before putting on. Also here this place is recommended starting from 14:00 clock. The size of the objective should be 70-300 mm.

Pictures point A and B
[Bild: 7ezojbouet.jpg]

Point C Kronsiegtunnel east:
Like description point B only to approx. 13:00 clock usable.

Point D Affenfelsen (Coffee to Fly):
Popular meeting place of the Spotter, here one gets the airplanes when starting on the 33 or with the landing on the 15. For the physical the Coffee ton of Fly probably provides. This point is usable to 12:00 clock. A ladder is not necessary. Objectively 70-300mm, if on the 15 one starts for the Taxiway 18-55mm

Pictures Coffe to Fly
[Bild: g1ujfizpiqu.jpg]

Point E Ostfalenweg:
Very well suitably in in the afternoon hours with starts on the 33. The time window is very scarcely limited. Is necessary a ladder also here. Objectively 70-300mm, for widebodies 18-55mm.

Pictures Ostfalenweg
[Bild: 7syywupedpfr.jpg]

Point F approach 23 afternoon
Off approx. 13:00 clock is recommended this side for the approach on the 23 much. Here one does not need a ladder. Objectively 70-300mm.

Point G approach 23 morning
in the morning here it two points which one for the approach on the 23 to use can. Once the airport bridge and once the multi-storey car park P1. With both one does not need a ladder. Objectively 70-300mm, with small airplanes, with widebodies 18-55mm.

Pictures approach 23 Bridge
[Bild: xidt8l1zaup.jpg]

Multi-storey car park Pictures approach 23
[Bild: m7c79d3qo7fb.jpg]

Point H Cafe at the GAT
one needs here a four-level ladder, a parking lot gives it not except one wants much money to become loose. The cafe at the GAT, loads to stays. Here one can take good photographs if the airplanes of the 33 from starting and landing. Also one has a good view of the apron 2. With landing 23, the airplanes roll by directly the Taxiway the GAT.
Depending upon airplane and location objective 18-55mm or 70-300mm.

Pictures Cafe at the GAT
[Bild: hjx1xqummx5a.jpg]

Pictures Taxiway Cafe at the GAT
[Bild: deplvpnw1p14.jpg]

Point I Hainholz
very good Postion for landing 05 in the afternoon. Good position if the airplanes on the 05 starting. Direct picture on the turning hammer. A ladder is not necessary. For resting banks are present.
Objectively 70-300mm with widebodies 18-55mm.

Pictures approach 05
[Bild: xfst8q84e8dm.jpg]

Pictures turning hammer 05
[Bild: 3ktjnsf5q86.jpg]

Point J Haldenstieg
property for pictures during the approach 05. A ladder is necessary. Until one can stand for 12:00 clock there, to it simply on the other side goes to point I. Objectively 70-300mm, with widebodies 18-55mm.

Pictures approach 05 morning
[Bild: o8kylo7q4kda.jpg]

Note: The observation decks of the restaurants in terminals 1 and 2, as model-look are not recommended. Except one wants to make the photos by beautiful glass.

©Copyright this Guides is with more hamspotter and the aviation friends hamburg. For the use of the pictures I would like to thank you airbus aktuell, Quax and Pilot.

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